MAT4+ GLOSSY SET red sparkling effect - VITTORIO MARTINI 1866

MAT4+ GLOSSY SET red sparkling effect


MAT4+, triangular ballpoint pen, enamelled paint effect.
Sparkling GLASS effect, polyurethane varnish, given by hand on each single piece.
Passionate red colour.
White triangular sharpener.
Triangular handmade cardboard case.

n. 1 pc ballpoint refill.
n. 1 pc 5.6 mm graphite refill.
n. 1 pc highlighter refill.
n. 1 pc crayon refill.

Technical specifications: 
Ballpoint pen: 10 cm
Cardboard: 5 x 16 x 2,5 cm

Image's colour is purely indicative.
Colours of highlighters and crayon refills in gift boxes may be different from those shown in the picture.

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